October 2005

Noche De Los Muertos III

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Long-awaited European psychobilly bands Banane Metalik & Evil Devil finally come to LA!!! So Halloween is on a Monday, boo hoo, this lineup more than makes up for it! See the Grease Demon site for more info.

The Key Club
9039 W Sunset Blvd
W. Hollywood, CA 90069

Two Nights of Musical Debauchery!

Sat Nov 5th

Hellbillys (SF)
Thee Merry Widows (SF)
Mad Marge and the Stonecutters
James Demons
The Hellevators

The Atomic Men @ The Demon Pit VIP Lounge

Sun Nov 6th

Coffin Draggers
Cosmic VooDoo
The Henchmen
Tabaltix (SF)
Black Rose Phantoms
Bloody Hollys
The Skunx

The Rockets & Sean Kama Acoustic @ The Demon Pit VIP Lounge

Get Your Tickets Now! www.KeyClub.com
$20.00 Pre-Sale / $23.00 Day of Show

Also Available at These Locations:
Big Ed's Records Inside Sugar Lee's
2146 E. 4th St
Long Beach, CA

Trash City Records
2412 S. Garfield Ave ..B
Monterey Park , CA 91754

657 N. Glendora Ave.
La Puente, CA US 91744


Trash-o-matic MONSTER A-go-go

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Hey there! Dig this:

This Sunday, October 30, Trash-o-matic Garbage A-go-go radio show is changing its name to Trash-o-matic MONSTER A-go-go!!! It's gonna be a wild, rockin' Halloween party!!!!

Hear: Songs about creatures, mummies, vampires, zombies, ghosts,
skeletons, witches, haunted houses, monster parties and more!

Hear: A spooky Terror Tale from the Old Sea Hag!

Hear: An interview with the dirty old one man band Scott H. Biram!


Win: A pair of tickets to Suicide Girls Burlesque in L.A.!

All you've got to do is tune in to:

Trash-o-matic Monster A-go-go
Sunday Oct. 30th 10PM-Midnight
on KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine, CA
or LIVE ONLINE at www.kuci.org

Join Filthy Rotten (Hauntin') Wes for a perfect lead in to Halloween!!!

Trash-o-matic MONSTER A-go-go

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Hey there! Dig this:

This Sunday, October 30, Trash-o-matic Garbage A-go-go radio show is changing its name to Trash-o-matic MONSTER A-go-go!!!
Its gonna be a wild, rockin' Halloween party!!!!

Hear: Songs about creatures, mummies, vampires, zombies, ghosts,
skeletons, witches, haunted houses, monster parties and more!

Hear: A spooky Terror Tale from the Old Sea Hag!

Hear: An interview with the dirty old one man band Scott H. Biram!


Win: A pair of tickets to Suicide Girls Burlesque in L.A.!

All you've got to do is tune in to:

Trash-o-matic Monster A-go-go
Sunday Oct. 30th 10PM-Midnight
on KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine, CA
or LIVE ONLINE at www.kuci.org

Join Filthy Rotten (Hauntin') Wes for a perfect lead in to Halloween!!!

Notes From Dublin, Part II

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Tues 11.18.05 - I saw this building sign walking back from Maplin's Electronics on the northside and laughed hard. Appartently it is an Insurance company. Given yesterday's post, I do believe folks around here ought to be assuring their livers.

Notes from Dublin, Part I

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Ms. Jen, Barflies.net editor here. You may or may not know, but on Sept. 27, 2005, I moved away from Southern California to Dublin, Ireland, for graduate school. I have now been in Dublin for over 3 weeks and I have a major observation to share with all the lovely readers of Barflies.net.

No matter how much of a drunk you think you are or your friend is, you are a sober Program Sponsor next to the average weekend drinker around Dublin. Yep, they know how to throw back a few pints or 20 of them around here. Want to know how I know?

No I am not out at 2 or 3am to see the action myself, I actually been having a lovely 3 plus week vacation from bars, pubs and music venues. I have been reading at home.

But I have been walking around town during the day and evening and just about every 50 feet or so, one has to avoid a large puddle of barf or shit. Not dog shit. Dogs are scarce in Dublin, the dogs I have seen are tiny small with tiny small poohs. The shit on the streets is Big. Big, Human, Boy Shit.

Yep, instead of using the toilet at the pub or bar or venue or waiting to get at home or evening having the courtesy to shit their own pants, they drop trow and do it on the sidewalk.

Watch were you walk around this town...

Heavy Trash

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Fans of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion will be pleased with Heavy Trash, Spencer's newest incarnation in partnership with Matt Verta-Ray (Speedball Baby).

Heavy Trash is actually less filling than the JSBE, but still tastes great. Drawing heavily on surf, 50s rockabilly, gospel yowls and growls, and greasy hip-shaking, fever-inducing boogie woogie, Heavy Trash is heavy on the harmonies, heavy on the infectious groove and right on the money.

Think Dexter Romweber on crack. Southern Culture on the Skids at Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles, Charlie Feathers, and Gene Vincent. Yes, y'all, you get the picture. This is the real deal - twangy, creepy, groovy, rockin' - like Sun Studios after hours with booze-fueled, drug addled ramblings and ravings. Lots of feedback, reverb, whammy bar, and sexual tension.

On tour with the always amazing Canadian brother-band, The Sadies:
10/22/05 at Pappy & Harriet's Pioneertown Palace, Joshua Tree
10/23/05 at the Knitting Factory, Hollywood
10/24/05 at the Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco

Best Chance to Turn On

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It's now official. I'm the best. Yes, our own little Miss Wanda's radio show, Howdylicious!, has been named one of the best radio shows in OC by the OC Weekly:

Best Chance to Tune In, Turn On KUCI. Welcome to the revamped and revved-up KUCI—cooler (if maybe less consistent than Indie 103), with a competitive roster of live sets by local-but-we-don’t-mean-local-as-in-suck bands like Rilo Kiley and Matt Costa and an engaging schedule that combines rookie enthusiasm with serious cultural chops from classic county radio shows like Howdylicious!, Closed Caskets For The Living Impaired and Riders of the Plastic Groove. An OC institution that deserves as much broadcast power and as much respect as KXLU. KUCI 88.9 FM or listen on the web at www.kuci.org.

The Other Mr. White

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Dough Boy.jpg

Did anyone see the Pillsbury commercial during last night's American League playoff game? It featured our friend the Doughboy and music by Barry White. Yes, that Barry White.

Now, I know that Pillsbury has recently started a campaign aimed at Baby Boomers, those empty nesters who might hate cooking for just one or two, but now they're trying to make frozen dough SEXY. And nothing is sexier than Barry White people, nothing. Honestly, the commercial was risque in it's use of yeasty, rising imagery and couples feeding one another hot, tasty buns. It made me hungry!

This piece of marketing genius makes sense: the Doughboy, born in 1965, seems to be an icon Boomers can relate to. Although 1965 is usually the cut off for Gen X (Boomers are those typically born between 1946 and 1964), there are so many Boomers (77 million and counting) that companies like Pillsbury are now agressively going after the grey dollar that was once considered undesirable.

What fascinates me is their use of music and the power of White's suggestive bass to create an environment that makes even frozen buns seem appealing.

The tag line: "Pillsbury Doughboy - The Other Mr. White". Barry White is probably rolling in his grave.

Gene S.front&back.jpg

142_4265.JPG Photo courtesy of Kirk Schneider

Ms. Wanda from Howdylicious enlisted me via an intriguing e-mail a few weeks ago. She mentioned that she was going have special guests on her radio show – a two man band by the name of HillStomp, reigning from Portland, Oregon. Notating that they would play Pike’s in Long Beach on Wednesday night, she told me I should come down and catch their set, because I wouldn’t be disappointed. Of course, I trust Ms. Wanda’s opinion so I decided to go, even if it was a school night. Case in point: My feet would not quit moving on the floor, because their sounds are very distinctive. This was the best foot stomping Delta Blues I’ve heard in a long time and all from two guys who work all their own instruments from doubro and acoustic/slide guitar, to scrub board with spoons, and a makeshift drum kit with a real live pan from your mother’s kitchen. At first, you might think what did I get myself into, and then they let you have it...and how. Make no mistake, Henry Kammerer and John Johnson are no amateurs, and they don’t need three or four other band members to pull if off! The two are busy with a fall tour and traveling to festivals. The latest release, The Woman That Ended the World, or their debut, One Word will take you over the Mississippi to the Bayou, and you too will be a born again foot stompin’ fan. For more info on Hill Stomp visit www.hillstomp.com.

The Headless Hearsemen @ the Derby

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featuring the Headless Hearsemen
Friday October 14, 2005
The Derby
4500 Los Feliz Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Last time I caught the hearsemen, I think the thing that struck me the most (after my booty stopped shaking of it's own accord) was the diversity of the crowd... all types were there, you name it. Just goes to prove that great entertainment crosses all boundaries. :D

October 14th Film Releases

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Okay, I'm not sure what happened here, but somehow the Hollywood studio system has blessed us with an event rarely seen in theaters these days - options. Ladies and gentlemen we have several good movies to choose from in theaters this week, and I'm not just talking about the new releases. There are a few movies I didn't get a chance to skewer that are worth seeing.

1) Domino
2) Elizabethtown
3) Good Night, and Good Luck

But don’t forget Wallace and Gromit, Flightplan, Capote, Corpse Bride, A History of Violence, and Serenity.

1. Ordering rusty nails at every bar and having every bartender know how to make it. There IS something good about Vegas.
2. Ordering Frangelico on the rocks as a nightcap and discovering what a tasty treat that is. Like drinking a cookie. Unfortunately, I passed out drinking it at only 4:30 in the morning.
3. Still on the drinking tip—getting a bunch of those booklets with all the coupons from the concierge upon check-in and thereby getting plenty of free drinks (as well as a free scoop of ice cream and an official Mold Coast deck of cards). If that guy was gay, I shoulda really flirted with him to get more drink tix. (In fact, I even left with one in my pocket and Joe, if you’re reading this, I meant to give it to you as I passed you on my way out at 4:30 a.m. while you were still at the bar to make up for drinking your purple everclear soda that I gave you thereby depriving you of your en route-to-Vegas beverage).
4. Lucky’s twin turkeys, resulting in…
5. Placing 15th. It’s not 7th, but it’s better than a kick in the teeth. Barflies’ Bad News Bowlers are here to stay.
6. I’m not sure which is better, the fact that Tink grabbed by package, or the fact that she couldn’t tell I wasn’t still stuffing a pair of Volcom socks. (Oh sick, I just remembered giving those socks to Smokey and he didn’t even mind.)
7. Being serenaded by Lauren even if my idea of opera is Bohemian Rhapsody or Tommy or any 12-minute song by Meatloaf.
8. First I blow it with the girl in the elevator who invited me back to her room because evidently I can’t take a hint. Then I blow it with the girl on the Strip after I clotheslined her and all she did was smile. Then having the wherewithal to not blow it on the ladies who were even more forthcoming about what my chances would be. And by ladies, I mean the “of the night” variety. But encountering them as a result of Justin’s chivalry (he opened the door) was fun. Then watching him giggle himself to death every time he spotted their “business cards” littered all over the Strip (“Te he he. Porn.”) made everything better.
9. I’m gonna put bunking with Justin’ & Sandra here, but I’m a little miffed or at least perplexed that we didn’t get .99 cent breakfasts at 4 a.m., which we totally coulda done with those 2-4-1 coupons on the $1.99 b-fasts between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. I’m having visions of going down there with Justin if he sleepwalked (slept walk?) just so he could do his Darth Vader imitation using his sleep apnea breathing apparatus.
10. On the way to Vegas, my flight was delayed nearly three hours and because they said there’d be turbulence, they didn’t hand out peanuts, they literally threw them down the aisle during take off so they’d slide down (real classy, Southwest). On the way back, I slept through my 6:55 a.m.-8 a.m. flight from take off to landing (stupid work not being off for Prez’ Day). In between was general, genuine fun & frivolity, and PRB on the whole ought to count as a Top 10 item.

Highwaymen Documentary

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This Just In:
Morgan Neville's documentary about the Highwaymen, the legendary “supergroup” formed by Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson will air this Friday.

CMT (Country Music Television):
Friday, Oct 14th @8pm/7pm central
With an encore on:
Saturday Oct 15th @10:30pm/9:30pm cen

Japan Invades!

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This weekend LA turns even just a little bit more Japanese with three great arts events(click to supersize flyers):

Friday October 14th - Key Club - Hollywood
Battle of Ninjamanz
The Rezurex
Coffin Draggers
The Slanderin
The Formaldehydes
6pm, All Ages $13.50

Saturday October 15th - Galaxy Theatre - Santa Ana
Battle of Ninjamanz
Black Rose Phantoms
The Skunx
6pm, All Ages $13.50

See Grease Demon website for more info


Saturday October 15th 12:00pm
Spook Show @ the Starlite Room - Long Beach
"3 of Japan's most dangerous pinstripers live and in person one day only... Makoto, Mr. G and Grimb will be here with tons of original artwork and will be pinstriping until the grave calls them back. Don't miss this opportunity to have something pinstriped by Japanese madmen!"

One Word: Hillstomp

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One Word: Hillstomp. You should see this band. You will thank me later, and especially if you catch them at the Pike Bar & Grill in Long Beach, where you can get some great food with the good music. (I prefer the Blackened Mushroom Tacos).

Hillstomp will be playing Tuesday, October 4 at the The Gypsy Lounge (23600 Rockfield Blvd # 3A in Lake Forest) with Jay Buchanan, Rocco deLuca and Stepside, and Wednesday, October 5 at The Pike in Long Beach (1836 E 4th St., Long Beach (562) 437-4453).


Go see this band.

The Pervz @ The Brigg - 9/30/05

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Things are a little dull around her without Miss Jen, so my date and I went over to Alex's Bar to see what was up. Alex was sober and checking ids at the door with CJ. The Adolescents were playing, so she was settling in for a long night of Spot the Fake ID. People kept coming up and squealing "OH MY GOD. How are you holding up without Jen?!" and I kept thinking they were talking to me, before I realized they were talking to Alex. This was only mildly annoying, so I decided we had to leave. Anyway, I was feeling claustrophobic and it was 9:05.

We went for burritos at Chronic Taco and then over to The Brigg to see The Pervz, a band I had heard a lot about. "Have I seen The Pervz?" I asked. "No" answered my date. I like it when someone else can keep my memories straight.

Now, I like The Brigg. It's wonderfully decorated and has strong drinks and good air conditioning (too good, so if you don't like your hair blowing in the icy cold draft, bring a sweater). But there are just too damn many "beach people" there. Beach people really think that flip flops are a real shoe. Beach people think that chunky highlights are still in. And beach people think that really bad (ie, cheap, poorly done) boob jobs are a good thing. You always think that something interesting might happen at The Brigg. A bar fight. A good band. But no. Every time I walk into The Brigg I'm in a good mood, and within an hour I'm comatose with boredom and irritation. Not good.

Last night was no exception. Some metal band played first. They said they were German, which explains a lot, but is still no excuse. Then it took The Pervz about 90 minutes to set up. I amused myself by looking at the flyers on the ceiling and reminiscing about shows I had been to at Safari Sam's. Then I tried to imagine all the things The Pervz were doing backstage or in the van that were taking so long. Shortening their pants. Eating pizza. Picking nits off each other like monkeys. Doing their hair. Having a circle jerk. Eventually, I got really bored and more tired. The date and I couldn't talk to each other because the dj was so loud. The dj kept mixing in bands like the Rolling Stones with the old school punk rock. Bad. Bad. Bad. It's cool to mix in AC/DC and ironic to throw on some Kiss between the Damned and the Sex Pistols. But the Rolling Stones? What's next, Led Zeppelin? Please. That dj was more concerned with his hair than his levels, and if you're a dj, you know what I'm talking about.

note: I am much too lazy to take pictures, so I took this from The Pervz website. Thanks, Pervz!

But back to The Pervz. They are cute. Really cute. They're a trio, which is just cute! And there's a tall one, a short one, and a goofy one (the drummer). They wear matching tennis shoes! How cute it that? They have an amazing fashion aesthetic that is sort of like the Briefs but less 80s. Very cute. And since the bass player and guitarist are brothers, I think they buy the same size Dickies. And since one is short and one is tall, this has an interesting effect. But cute.

However, their music is not all that interesting, I must say, although the crowd loved them. Or maybe they were just tired of doing nothing but listening to scratchy Misfits records played at ear-splitting volume. I'm not sure. The Pervz website is full of quotes from reviewers who call them totally hook-laden. I couldn't find a hook in The Brigg at all that night. Not a one. I think there was a song called "Pieces of You" that people were singing along to. I'm not sure how anyone sang along, because the songs had no real structure to latch on to, but I'm an old bitter ex-punk and this is a fact. I can sing you 20 X songs right now, because they all have hooks, but I couldn't tell you what a single Pervz song sounds like. I don't mean for this to be a bad review, because I did have fun, in a sort of really bored teenage way. There was no cover, someone else bought the drinks, the band was cute. I look forward to seeing The Pervz again somewhere other than The Brigg.