The Blasters 1-19-14, Low Spirits, Albuquerque

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In the classic film "Plan 9 From Outer Space," Albuquerque is described as "strictly a nine o'clock town." That's just not true. Last night the Blasters didn't take the stage until almost nine-THIRTY! And then they rocked. They rocked until about eleven o'clock. What did they do for an encore? They rocked some more.
Take that, Edward D. Wood Jr.

Phil Alvin apologized for not being in full voice but it wasn't really noticeable to my ears, or at least what's left of them. He did appear to be having some discomfort, so the band cut the yodeling songs from the set and added longer guitar solos. That worked.

I took about five pictures with my phone. The one above, believe it or not, is the best.

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